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HomeUtility is the ecommerce arm of Celebrations which is one of India's premier firms in manufacturing home utility products which are affordable, foldable and durable. With many Indians living in apartments and high rises where space becomes a constraint the need for foldable home utility items have grown in leaps and bounds. Now with our products being utilized in several thousands of Indian households and with the steep rise in demand for the same, we designed a simple and easy to navigate ecommerce platform where consumers can purchase our products from their home.

As the name (HomeUtility) implies, our products caters to varied purposes for day to day home tasks giving the best in terms of quality and feasibility. HomeUtility allows customers to view products, choose from colors options, utilize the combo offers and easily buy in a secure and safe way online with huge lucrative discounts on the final sale price. HomeUtility brings in the home utility essentials directly from the factory thus assuring world class quality and swift delivery.

From the Director's Desk

Hi Online Shopper,

It gives me great pleasure in welcoming you on board Home Utility.in!!!! We have made all efforts in devising a platform that's been tested intensely to deliver the finest experience to our customers in terms of our eCommerce layout and navigation.

We at HomeUtlitity strictly adhere to the international principle of safeguarding consumer information by making sure that all our customers' critical information is not shared or accessed by anyone at anytime.

Home Utility believes in promoting this platform in an ethical manner by incorporating the best practice followed the world over to make this a " complete consumer centric enterprise". Our team has rich experience in handling all the functions of online business operations like instant order processing, timely dispatch and prompt follow-up with logistic partners for safe and secured delivery within the committed time, handling other customer queries in a smooth way thus assuring an overall hassle free experience for our distinguished shoppers.

I thank you for your consideration/decision in buying the essential Home Utility from the niche home improvement cum home décor portfolio that Home Utility offers. I give you an undertaking that the Home Utility team will stand with you in your decision to choose us, by delivering products that are a testimony to the universal principle of "Quality and Legitimacy"


vignesh rajamanickam

Vignesh Rajkumar Rajamanickam


Our Mentor and Director Mr.Vignesh Rajamanickam, a socio-industry entrepreneur always instigate the fact that India should be placed in the globe as the most sought after destination for manufacturing quality home utility products. His efforts and continuous support has given us the courage to advance progressively in achieving this National vision. He was recently conferred with a National Award, NewDelhi for manufacturing quality home products and for creating employment for many fellow Indians in this endeavor. He also engages in empowerment of Indian youth, work force and other employable community actively by providing them apt career consulting (counseling, training) through his startup career consulting firm The Consultancy House in Coimbatore. Over 7500 fellow Indian students/workforce have been benefited through this initiative. He has also received an International Award in Dubai, November 2013 for his active and steadfast attitude in contributing to industry and society development in India.


Our fabrication line is 70% automated comprising of 100% men workforce. They make sure that all the MS, Aluminum and SS fabrications have durable nature implanted in each produce for product endurance and value for money which the end customer always expects.

Our assembling team comprises of 100% women. Since the product line that we engage are primarily consumed by the women audience we wanted to give it a perfect combination of quality assertion and luminous finish as our women staff understand that finally an Indian woman will consume it for herself and her extended family. This perfect blend of both the men and women workforce allows us to be the ideal choice as our products are rigid in terms of durability and captivating in terms of elegance and finish, making our products as the natural preference for home utility products.

Hence our products tagline is "Women's best friend" for keeping used clothes and storing washed clothes (laundry bag), drying clothes (cloth stand), pressing clothes (ironing board) and to clean the racks/roof (ladder). This makes us undoubtedly every Indian household much needed home utility products.

Modus Operandi

Regular quality inspection checks are made mandatory in all our levels such as material procurement, fabrication, powder coating, assembling, and packaging. Our logistics partners (Trackon Courier, GATI and others) give fullest cooperation in getting the orders delivered at the customer doorstep on time. This quality doctrine is well understood and incorporated by all our members to produce and deliver a quality product to our consumers.